Plan, Prep and Style Your Photoshoot

Plan, Prep and Style Your Photoshoot

Plan, Prep & Style Your Photoshoots


Plan, Prep & Style Your Photoshoot

When it comes to photoshoots, it’s all about the execution.

I created this worksheet to help you with your Planning, Prepping and Styling Your Photoshoots as a tool to stay organized as well as to share with your photographer, etc.


In this blogging / influencing community, photoshoots are important (branding/collabs) and quite often (sometimes several times a month).

Even if you’re not a blogger/influencer, this worksheet can help with your Family photoshoots


Why you should use this worksheet?

When you plan ahead you’ll be more organized and less stressed the day of your photoshoot.

Since you’re investing your time as well as other people’s time, you want to show a good impression and have a fun and smooth photoshoot.

This worksheet will help the photographer understand your vision, your outfit, and must-have shots, especially for brands. You both want to be on the same page.

You can download this easy to use worksheet to Plan, Prep and Style Your Photoshoot right here!


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Why I created this worksheet…

74% of you were interested!


After polling my followers, 74% were interested on HOW I PLAN MY PHOTOSHOOTS.

Knowing that there was this much interest, I wanted to design a one-page FREE downloadable worksheet to help you with your photoshoot planning, prepping and styling.

I included what has worked from my experience on having a smooth successful photoshoot.  It will also help your photographer and other individuals who may be included in the photoshoot process. It will streamline the process for you on your shoot day (and for other people who will be involved.) 



One of my favorite passions about the blogging/influencer industry is the creative process of putting your ideas together and seeing it come to life. And having a photographer can help with your photos, as well as teaming up together making it all that more fun!

Brainstorming/researching and executing photoshoots and the content creation behind it give me an adrenaline rush!

My dream career:
Be my own boss, CREATIVE DIRECTOR and CEO
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To ALWAYS have my Breezy by my side
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You can download this easy to use worksheet to Plan, Prep and Style Your Photoshoot right here!



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