Trunk Club Box

Trunk Club Box


Maybe you’re one of those women who knows what looks best on her, that effortless dresser who knows her color palette, and how your closet looks like a boutique filled with items that go perfectly well together.


I started Trunk Club two years ago, and I can say that my stylist Chelsea has helped me streamline my wardrobe and gave me a clearer vision on clothes and colors that look best on me.

It started with me clicking the ‘Get Started’ button on the Trunk Club website, answer some fun questions about myself, price ranges, where I usually shop, color palette (etc.), and then was paired with my stylist.

After that, I had a chat over the phone with my stylist who heard my pain points of fashion, who my style icons were: Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, Olivia Palermo, and Julia Engel to name a few.



Trunk Club is Nordstrom’s at home personal styling service for men and women. Your box will get dropped off at your residence where you can try on the clothes from the privacy of your home. It is great for streamlining your busy schedule and not having to take the time to fight through traffic, finding a parking spot, shop around the store and then try-on the clothes.

You have 5 days to try-on (which is great because you can pair their selections with items you already have in your closet), and send back (free shipping!) the items you want to return.

A $25 styling fee (waived for Nordstrom cardmembers) will be credited toward whatever you choose to keep. You are charged once your box is sent back on the items you chose to keep. Message your stylist when you want another service, or select how often you want to receive a Trunk. The service works on your terms.

You can try Trunk Club here!


ask yourself these questions

1. What are you trying to achieve by receiving a Trunk Club and working with a stylist?

2. Are you happy when you walk into your closest?

3. Any events coming up where you want professional advice?

6. What does your wardrobe say about you?

I’ve heard that the more you are comfortable and confident within yourself, the easier it’ll be on what makes your personality shine! And I completely AGREE!


working with your stylist

Send your stylist your fashion Pinterest Board and Nordstrom Wish List. It’ll help your stylist pick items that will help with the ensemble you’re trying to achieve.

Make sure to preview your trunk, and decline items that you do not like. Make sure to fill out the questionnaire on why you do not like an item. It’ll help your stylist next time on what you do not like. Once you decline an item, your stylist will replace that item taking your questionnaire into consideration.

You can try Trunk Club here!


My Experience with Trunk Club

It’s been a closet game changer for me. Before Trunk Club, I was always overwhelmed at my closet of hodgepodge of items that wasn’t pleasing to look at in my closet. Nothing was cohesive.

I first heard of Trunk Club from blogger, Oliva Rink, HERE - Trunk Club Women and HERE -Trunk Club Appointment. I love all her photos and her detailed explanation on her Trunk Club experience.

I’m not much of a in-store clothes type of shopper. I really love being able to ponder on whether I want to buy an item and sometimes that can take days! I’m very cautious of how I spend my money on clothes, which helps with the impulse purchases. I also love the fact that I can pair the Trunk Club items with the clothes already in my closet.

You can try Trunk Club here!


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