Cost Per Wear Formula
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Does the price tag on an item either catch your eye or change your mind? By using a simple Cost-Per-Wear (CPW) formula before making a purchase can uncover the true value of an item.

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The Cost-Per-Wear formula:

$ / # = CPW

Price of the item (divided by) Number of wears (equals) =

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Take into account what you’re initially spending, and if it’s a NEED or is it a WANT. It might turn out that the $100 dress you’ve worn 30 times in a year for work (CPW=$3.33) was a better deal (than your $30 dress you only worn once before falling apart. 

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3 Questions to Help with your Cost-Per-Wear item, and Picking a Quality Piece with Value…

1. Is it classic? You don’t see the item going out of style anytime soon.

2. Is it versatile? The item can be worn day to night and with multi outfits.

3. Is it durable? You can tell that the item is well made and will not fall apart after a couple of wears or uses.

Give the CPW formula a try next time you’re shopping. You may find that getting a classic piece that’s a bit more lavish than the trendy item will give you more use and last longer.