Secondhand Shopping

Secondhand Shopping

Dress from Poshmark | similar style Top and Skirt | Earrings from a vintage shop, similar


3 Tips to Mastering Secondhand Shopping

Shopping at secondhand boutiques as well as online (ex. Poshmark) is the perfect way to find unique items for a fraction of the original cost.

Consignment shops online and in person makes shopping more of an adventurous hunt, and when you find pieces you love, it makes it all the more special.


1. Grab Everything

Chances are someone can pick up the item you were ‘eyeing’ after you walk away.

Grab everything/add to wish list that catches your eye when you first browse the store/site. Since there will only be one of each item, put what you love in your cart and decide later. Once you finish shopping, edit your cart for the items that you want to buy.

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2. Buy It

If you love it, buy it. Chances are that item will not be there the next time you make it back to the store/site.

Unsure if an item will fit? 

If the item is not in your exact size but around your size, still put it in your cart and try it on. If the price is low enough, an option is to get the item tailored.


3. Go Consistantly

Keep going back to the consignment shop/site periodically. You never know what unique pieces you will find.

With online and in-store consignment shops, merchandise will turn over quickly, seasonal pieces are rotating, and items are consistently being marked down.


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Photography by:
Marisa Kinney Photography