What to Wear for Your HeadShots

What to Wear for Your HeadShots

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From corporate executives to the creative director, having a headshot will enhance your overall professional appearance.

In this digital age, having a headshot is your digital identity. Companies understand the importance of a headshot, and it helps them recognize your personal brand.

And for the entrepreneurial out there, a headshot is an absolute must!


Why do you need a professional headshot?

It presents a professional appearance.

  • Since social media is here to stay, your profile photo is your first impression that people will see

  • A professional headshot will grab peoples attention immediately and know your brand. Your headshot will help your clients trust you by looking at your headshot.

  • Your headshot will also present yourself in a professional image, and that you take your business serious.


You will use your headshot photo everywhere!

  • The Internet: Website and social media channels

  • Business card

  • Conferences: Guest speaking events, networking


What to Wear for Your Headshot

  • COLOR: Neutral colors look great on everyone!

  • SOLIDS: Patterns or prints can distract and date your photo.

  • NECKLINE: Modest V-neck blouses flatter and lengthen your neck. Opt for blouses with sleeves.

  • FABRIC: Material that is too heavy can add weight. Textured fabrics typically photography really well.

  • CLASSICS: Keep your clothing classic and not too trendy in order to use your photos years to come.

  • OPTIONS: Always bring options just in case your outfit does not photograph well with the background, etc.

Make sure to capture your personality with what you choose to wear.


Choosing a Location.

  • Decide on the message you want to express to your clients, which will help you decide on the background of your headshot.


Hiring a Photographer

  • A professional photographer (Marisa Kinney Photography) is worth paying for your headshot!

  • A professional photographer has the right equipment, they understand the lighting, editing, posing, and how to make you look your best self!

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First impressions leave an impact with people you meet in person and on social media/ your website.

Decide how you want to come across professionally, and having a professional headshot will show yourself in your best possible light!