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June 16, 2016 3 Comments

When you're in London, you'll quickly see that they have great style.

When you’re in London, you’ll quickly see (pretty much immediately) that they have great style….and that more times than not, are dressed better than Americans (not all of us, but at times we’re all guilty of this). Not to offend anyone, but we can give the impression of sloppiness, ‘don’t care’ attitude, and take ‘casual’ to a whole different level!


I found this article on the internet on How to Dress European, and it’s SPOT ON! Another article I found was from the New York Times called ‘Casual Dress Has Gone Global‘ where it appears that some style is slightly changing across the big pond where people are looking for lower prices, and convenience than quality, fit and style. I know I’m guilty of wanting a lower price!

Here’s another great article of a British girl studying abroad in the U.S. and how she observed our style. ARTICLE HERE.

Comparisons the articles use on the different styles:



Here are 4 ways you can incorporate European style into your life in America:


1. Choose clean and simple cuts and lines.
From suits to dresses, the cut should have a sleek and geometric look.  Look for items that have elegant clean lines with a simple shape.


2. Wear clothes that fit.
Europeans wear clothes that fit perfectly to their body. In the summertime, women may wear clothes that drape their body, but they always have a hint of classic lines and accentuate their waist. Americans tend to wear clothes too big, or too small. Invest in a good tailor to have your clothes altered.


3. Lean away from bold patterns.
Europeans mostly go for texture (lace, knit, leather), or a classic print (stripes, leopard, plaid).


4. Understand the European color palette.
Europeans tend to prefer neutral tones, and wear a lot of monochromatic outfits.
5. Choose high contrast color combinations.
Europeans color combinations are usually high contrast, with one light color and one dark color.


6. Coordinate colors to the season.
Europeans will match the colors they wear to the season, where Americans will casually wear the same colors all year round.

Fall colors: earthy and warm.
Winter colors: neutral tones.
Spring colors:  brights and pastels.
Summer colors: bright and bold.



1. Coordinate an actual outfit.
The article states that, “Americans dress poorly and on the whole, tend to put a lot less thought into how they dress,” and to “distinguish you as American (these days) is just looking sloppy.”

TIPS: PUT SOME THOUGHT INTO YOUR LOOK! Choose a top that compliments your pants, or try matching your handbag to your shoes.


2. Keep it simple.
European outfits and accessories are simple.

3. Wear dark colored jeans.
Skinny jeans.


4. Choose the right kind of pants.
Avoid pants with holes or rips.

5. Dress up a little more than normal.
The biggest indicator that telling the difference between European vs American style is that you will not see a European in yoga pants, or sweats outside the house.  The article suggest that it will never hurt to go slightly nicer than what you think.


6. Wear more skirts and dresses. Women in Europe tend wear dresses (classy length / knee length) with tights, and rarely ever wear maxi dresses (maxi dresses are more American — bummer, cuz I love a good maxi dress, but if not worn probably it can appear sloppy!).


7. Go for subtle, classy accessories. Choose dainty, low profile accessories, or one statement piece that will complement your outfit.  AVOID anything gaudy and tacky. Understated pieces work best. European women wear a lot of scarfs too!  When picking a scarf, solids or classic patterns work best. Elegant sunglasses are a must too!


8. Lean towards flats, and elegant shoes. Europeans do a lot of walking and are seen wearing black booties or black and white sneakers with a dress, tights, and a fabulous coat, and then change into heels when at work.


1. Avoid the university and logo style. American style is to wear vintage style text, logos, and prints where Europeans avoid that look.

2. Avoid traditional-cut tees. We Americans LOVE are t-shirts! Europeans wear tees, but they tend to be nicer, and more fitted.

3. Don’t wear clothes with holes or rips. Clothes with rips and holes are a dead giveaway that you’re an American, and seen as low fashion.

 4. Don’t wear clothes with stains. Acid-washed and whiskered are American styles and should be avoided.

5. Skip out on the sweats. You will NOT find a European wearing sweats, comfy pants, or pajamas outside of their home! AND Europeans never go GROCERY SHOPPING in sweats and pajamas like many Americans do.


1. Follow European Fashion Bloggers.
The Londoner
Peony Lim
I Want You to Know

In Europe, Mike wore a blue and grey color palette and mixed it up with different patterns and textures. Most of the clothes are from Banana Republic.  Banana Republic is a great place to get European inspired clothes to wear in the States.

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(don’t mind the grumpy face. We all get Han-gry when we need to eat lol)

Thanks for following along!

Has anyone been to Europe, and if so, what did you think of their style?




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