10 Things you Didn’t Know about Me

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May 31, 2016 Comments Off on 10 Things you Didn’t Know about Me


Sorry about my belt! I didn’t know it wasn’t on correctly until after I uploaded the pics.  Mike never said A WORD! lol If you never watched ‘Instagram Husband,’ then please take a minute to watch, and you’ll understand.



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I turned 34 today!!!  Each day a grey hair magically appears as that special reminder that I’m not 24 anymore. lol

For those that have been following me since I started blogging (August 2014), there are things that you probably dont know about me that I thought would be fun to share with you!

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Me

1. I’m a natural brunette. I started dying/highlighting my hair blonde when I lived in South Carolina (2004) and kept it ever since!

2. At birth, my parents gave me the middle name ‘E’, then at the age of 13, they changed it to ‘Elaise’ after the Big Bopper song, ‘Chantilly Lace.’

3. I’m terrified of the ocean, or any kind of water activities. When I was younger (probably around 8-9yrs old, a wave crashed down on me, spun me around, and I didn’t know where I was)

4.  I have a potty mouth!

5. Mike calls some of the words I say ‘Shantell-ism’s.’ He tells me I pronounce a handful of words wrong, but I say them so confidently that he doesn’t have the heart to tell me I’m wrong. (I did attend speech class when I was in first grade, but the teacher was so mean I never went back. In 12th grade I had a stuttering problem too!)

6. I have an obsession with Post-Its!  I’ll write down all my ideas on several post-its and scatter them around my room…and then forget where they are, or what I needed to do.

7. Three foods that make me gag: iceberg lettuce, pickles, cold tomatoes/mushrooms/onions, and cucumbers. Mustard scares me too!

8. Not a fan of: grocery stores (especially on Sundays), busy parking lots, large crowds, and people that cut in line.

9.  I LOVE going to ball games! There’s nothing better than heading out to the ballpark on a nice summer evening.

10.  When it comes to shopping, I’m NOT a fan.  I can talk myself out of anything.  I ask myself, “Do I REALLY need this?” and “Can I live without it?” I wish I loved shopping, but the experience of driving to the store with high hopes, trying on clothes, then it’s either too expensive or doesn’t fit right and then I leave without buying anything…. I much rather shop online).  Well, even shopping online I drag my feet.  I’m notorious for placing items in my shopping cart for MONTHS, and still refuse to hit the ‘confirm’ button.


Thanks for following along!